Bonded Services

Stafford Bonded is a first class en primeur storage facility for high value wines

Storing alcohol products in bond is a cost-effective solution for your business. At Stafford Bonded, we can store your alcohol products under bond in our Revenue-approved, bonded warehouses.

With over a century of history in the handling, storage and trade of alcohol products and tobacco under bond, Stafford Bonded is an efficient and reliable partner for clients seeking professional bonded services. We work with a variety of private and business clients from the drinks and hospitality industries, including hotels, restaurants, retail-outlets and off-licences. Stafford Bonded is also the service provider of choice to some of the major alcohol distributors within the Irish market. 

For clients seeking wine storage, including en primeur wine under bond, we can provide the optimum conditions to ensure that your portfolio matures well and retains its quality, taste and value. Click here to find out more about wine storage at Stafford Bonded.

Our software for stock reporting and tracking is market-leading, allowing for full traceability of stock from the moment it enters our facility. We also take care of the administration and customs & excise of holding and releasing your stock.

Bonded services at Stafford Bonded include:

✓    Full load in/out

✓    Storage in racking

✓    Order picking

✓    Distribution

✓    Drawback

✓    Monthly and revenue reporting

✓    Re-packing

✓    Nationwide delivery service

✓    International collection

✓    Customs clearance

✓    Supply management

✓    Certificate of Pristine Storage

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